How do you know you’ve hit a plateau? Have you trained for countless hours with sparse results? Strict dieting with little to show for it? Strength training without the ability to increase weight? When was the last time you hit a PR, anyway? Plateauing happens to athletes at all levels. It’s good for training regimens […]

In the previous post, we talked about tips to lose belly fat for men. Now, Fitfam Plus compiles a list of some useful tips to lose belly fat for women. Enjoy. Run, Run, Run. The best thing about belly fat (i.e. visceral fat) is that it yields quite easily to aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises like […]

There are different strategies to lose belly fat which more or less depends on your metabolism and willpower. Whatever strategy you decide to use, Fitfam Plus has compiled a list of some useful tips for men to lose belly fat. Crunches?  The thing about crunches is that they help build muscle but don’t burn a […]

Tired of belly fat? Looking for effective ways to lose this stubborn belly fat? Fitfam Plus polls some of the best exercises to help deal with this ‘menace’ and meet your body fitness goals. They are: Run It’s that simple but what matters is consistency, this is what will get you result. Also, how you […]

In the previous post, Fitfam Plus polled a list of the best gym and fitness centers in Lagos. Now, here is list of the best gym and fitness centers in Ikeja. Ivory Health Club This is a spa and wellness company that was  established in August 1989. They also have a Restaurant & Lounge, Juice Bar, […]

Lagos is replete with high-end fitness centres with best-in-class equipment and facilities to meet your fitness needs. Fitfam Plus polled gym and fitness centres across the state to bring you a list of the best centres in Lagos. Enjoy. Elitebox This is the first and only boutique boxing gym in Lagos, Nigeria. Their fitness classes include BIIT […]